If you want to compile a gate via a localy modulated Quantum Fourier Transform circuits

Here you can find programs for compiling your gate over QFT circuits as described in arxiv:1908.03994

We have already performed the first step of identifying a non-trivial unity, so if referring to the Fig.2 of the draft online, these programs take you from point 3 to point 4.

Naturally the running time is increasing exponentially with the number of qubits. If you use the suggested parameters in the programs which aim at high-accuracy: for 2 qubits the program will take ~ 20 min, for 3 qubits about six hours, for 4 qubits about five days, for 5 qubits…well it takes too long… soon we will upload a C++ program for this task.

You can modify the circuit but then you need to test its efficiency and identify a new sequence L1 for the non-trivial unity. If you need to do so, you may contact us to send you the relevant programs.


2QubitCircuitOn.nb 3QubitCircuitOn.nb 4QubitCircuitOn.nb